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As one of the leading brick distributors in the southeast, we are committed to providing our customers with quality products and outstanding service.  We represent some of the finest manufacturers in the country and employ top-quality staff to provide you with courteous and experienced assistance.

Our goal is to provide brick, tile, and related products with quality service to the southeast area.  We are now comprised of 6 locations that spread over three states, Alabama, Georgia and Florida.  Serving the Dothan, Alabama and Wiregrass area for over 40 years. Visit our Whatley Supply Showroom at 230 Ross Clark Circle, Dothan, Alabama.

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Featured Product

Alternative building materials like CalStar Pavers can offer many advantages over their natural counterparts.


CalStar is reinventing masonry to meet the needs of green building. Their Holland and new Permeable paver lines use a recycled byproduct as the binder, eliminating energy-intensive firing used in clay pavers and Portland cement used in concrete pavers. The results are beautiful, sustainable pavers that meet ASTM C936 and contribute to multiple LEED credits.

All pavers are available in eight vibrant through-body colors and four range blends. They feature chamfers and blind lugs just like traditional pavers, providing an easy and green substitute for any traditional unit. And they’re priced competitively with comparable quality pavers, avoiding a “green premium”.



CalStar pavers feature a premium, fine-texture standard finish and the Holland units are also available in a tumbled finish.

Calstar pavers feature 37% recycled content, and an 84% lower carbon footprint versus a typical concrete paver. As an example, using CalStar’s Holland pavers for a 1,000-square-foot patio project (1,800 paver units) helps the environment in measurable ways. It:



  • Recycles nearly 5 tons of byproduct diverting it from landfill
  • Reduces CO2 emissions by 3420 lbs compared to concrete
  • Saves 2,250,000 BTU of energy compared to concrete








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