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Thin Brick -Henry Brick Cypress Point

Thin Brick -Henry Brick Cypress Point

The growing popularity of farmhouse design is shedding new light on thin brick. Made from real clay brick that has been cut thin, thin brick is easily incorporated into any space. Because it is so lightweight, there is no concern about load bearing walls or reinforced sub-floors.

Designers love the personality & flexibility that thin brick provides. One of the main advantages of thin brick is its versatility. Thin brick allows you to use the same brick in both a full or thin capacity, but always with the appearance of a full brick. For example, while an indoor fireplace can feature full or thin brick, a back splash most definitely requires a thin brick, in place of a ceramic or porcelain tile. Some homeowners wish to match exterior brick with interior features, but don’t want a full brick inside. As thin brick is cut from a full brick, matching the two is effortlessly impeccable.

Thin Brick -Henry Brick Cypress Point

As you can see, thin brick isn’t just for fireplace surrounds. The applications are endless – from back splashes, accent walls, tub surrounds, base of an island or bar, or even as an accent in the back of shelving. Where do you want a thin brick accent?

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