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“Don’t judge us by our rough exterior – we are beautiful on the inside too” – Alamo Stone Company

Stone is an excellent & widely popular choice for exterior cladding & flooring. The natural durability, color consistency & uniqueness allows for endless design options. For all of these reasons & more, bringing stone INSIDE is a growing trend.

With the advancements in technology, most natural stone can be cut into any shape, thickness, size & pattern with a variety of finishes and edges, making natural stone a perfect option for flooring, counter tops, fireplace surrounds, range hoods, stair treads, sinks, and of course, wall cladding.

As the interest & demand for outdoor living increases, many homeowners desire a natural flow from the home’s interior to exterior spaces. Natural stone allows the same product/stone/color to be used in multiple applications. Maintain the same color, but change the finish or pattern. For example – your interior flooring could be a small hexagon version of your larger, rectangular exterior pavers.  Incorporate the same stone, with a honed finish on a counter top or sink and you seamlessly created a unified design concept throughout your home.

Design an environment beyond your imagination with the elegant beauty & endless options of natural stone.

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Tremron Stonegate Oak Run outdoor kitchen

Custom Convenience of Outdoor Kitchens

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Tremron Stonegate Oak Run outdoor kitchen

Tremron Stonegate Oak Run

Outdoor cooking is no longer limited to a basic grill & bag of charcoal. Americans have taken backyard cooking and dining to a whole new level. Outdoor kitchens are becoming increasingly functional and more elaborate with cooking islands, pizza ovens, refrigerators and even the kitchen sink.

Hungry homeowners are looking beyond the grill & smoker, desiring full outdoor kitchens with features that add convenience and luxury such as counter space, trash bins, ice chests, & cabinetry. Outdoor spaces are becoming more organized, reducing trips back & forth into the house & indoor kitchen.

Wall blocks come in a variety of sizes, styles & colors that coordinate perfectly with pavers & wood accents. Most offer such versatility they can be installed to create a custom outdoor space.

As pictured below, the most common additions to today’s outdoor kitchens are counter space/work space with sinks, built-in grill stations,  stove top burners, as well as space for a ceramic grill or charcoal smoker.

Another growing trend is the incorporation of warming features into outdoor spaces.  Products that lend physical and ambient warmth are in high demand, such as fireplaces & fire pits.

Fire features provide heat and light, allowing you to use your deck later into the evening and into the year, while creating an inviting atmosphere. Great focal points, fire pits and fireplaces also provide natural gathering spots for conversation & of course, s’mores!





Tremron Stonegate Oak Run outdoor fireplace

Beautiful Backyards Start Here

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Extend the life of your outdoor living space by adding extra seasons & a spectacular focal point with the addition of an outdoor kitchen. Whether you are looking to simply add a stone surround to your existing grill area or desire an outdoor living area complete with pavers, benches, fireplaces & more, we can help you create a custom environment beyond your imagination.

Pavers – Upgrade your current patio or expand square footage with your choice of brick, clay or concrete pavers. Our wide selection of pavers offers allows you to customize your outdoor flooring by choosing the perfect color, texture, size, shape, pattern & thickness for your project.

Wall Blocks – Create fire pits, benches, seating walls, columns, raised planters and even complete outdoor kitchens using wall blocks that coordinate & compliment your new pavers or existing materials. Available in different shapes, colors & sizes, the simplicity & flexibility of our wall block offer a variety of installation options.

Thin Veneer Stone – Enhance your current outdoor features by adding thin veneer stone to create a sense of luxury and a space that will be the envy of your neighborhood. With our seemingly endless selection of cultured and natural stone, let us help you find the perfect color, shape, & cut for your design.


A Santa Ready Backyard!

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The holiday season is the perfect time of year to bundle up & head outside with friends and family!  Tremron’s Stonehurst Sierra pavers provide a beautiful backdrop for this outdoor space ready for Santa. The Stonegate Sierra Outdoor kitchen & columns are a perfect match to tie the space together.  Gather ’round the Munich Sierra fire pit with family & friends for caroling and memories to last a lifetime.

It’s not too late to deck the (outdoor) halls! Give us a call today!

Tremron Outdoor Living

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Spend the summer ENJOYING your outdoor space rather than MAINTAINING it. The growing trend to “Bring the indoors out” will reach new heights as homeowners fill their outdoor spaces with indoor luxuries, driving the demand for low-maintenance materials.

South Alabama Brick is excited to announce our partnership with Tremron. For over two decades Tremron has transformed the southern landscape with unrivaled hardscape products through their continued dedication to setting standards in innovative design, performance, selection, and most importantly, service that has been the cornerstone to our success.

The Tremron Collection includes pavers, retaining walls, and fire pits all of which allow homeowners to design & construct a custom yet cohesive outdoor living space. From a small bench on a patio to a complete custom outdoor kitchen, the Tremron Collection offers endless possibilities in creating your ideal 3 season space.

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Tis the Season…

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It’s that time of year… The temperatures are dropping and company is coming to celebrate the upcoming holiday season! Stop by one of our 6 locations across south central Alabama and the Florida panhandle and let us help you design your ideal outdoor living space. Our complete line of professionally installed and DIY (Do It Yourself) outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, gathering grills, wood boxes & much more allows you to create a custom space perfect for your home.