College Colors Day 478 640 South Alabama Brick

College Colors Day

Like many across the country, South Alabama Brick Co. employees are getting excited about football season! Locations participated in “College Colors Day” by wearing their favorite team colors. As you can see, we are a pretty diverse company, with loyalties ranging across state lines. Looks like this will, yet again,…

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Better Look, Less Maintenance – Choose Brick 798 1145 South Alabama Brick

Better Look, Less Maintenance – Choose Brick

Annandale with Ivory When selecting exterior building products, brick offers countless advantages over all other options. Proven for centuries, brick offers exceptional fire protection, superior moisture control, high wind protection, and are naturally energy efficient. Its modular units and variety of shapes have resulted in beautiful structures in just about…

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Better With Brick Chips 750 499 South Alabama Brick

Better With Brick Chips

  Long-lasting, colorfast crushed brick chips are perfect for use in low-maintenance landscaping. Use with a heavy-grade landscape fabric to keep brick from sinking into soil and to help prevent weeds. An excellent way to add interest to your landscape, while saving you time & money, brick chips are 100%…

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Brick – The Superior Shelter 799 1150 South Alabama Brick

Brick – The Superior Shelter

Save Save Save

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Why Choose Brick? 801 2298 South Alabama Brick

Why Choose Brick?

Why Choose Brick?

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Congratulations, Mrs. Judy Gardner 1884 1402 South Alabama Brick

Congratulations, Mrs. Judy Gardner

  After 30 years of service, Mrs. Judy Gardner retires from Riley Stuart On December 15th, after 30 years of dedicated service, Judy Gardner retired from Riley-Stuart. Mrs. Judy served in a variety of roles over the course of her career, most recently as Front Desk Receptionist. While her optimism,…

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Tis the Season… 750 499 South Alabama Brick

Tis the Season…

It’s that time of year… The temperatures are dropping and company is coming to celebrate the upcoming holiday season! Stop by one of our 6 locations across south central Alabama and the Florida panhandle and let us help you design your ideal outdoor living space. Our complete line of professionally…

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Genuine Papercut Brick 660 414 South Alabama Brick

Genuine Papercut Brick

Our Columbus Collection offers customers the genuine papercut brick in a broad range of colors, textures and styles.  With the Columbus Collection, we can create custom brick shapes that capture the individualism that many architects and homeowners desire in their commercial and residential projects. Genuine papercut – By using paper in…

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Warm Up to Outdoor Living Trends 750 499 South Alabama Brick

Warm Up to Outdoor Living Trends

With the arrival of fall, move your living room outside for a setting that is sure to impress. Let us help you transform your back yard into a warm wonderland with an outdoor space, designed especially for your family. Today’s outdoor fireplaces are available in all varieties & sizes, from…

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Employee Spotlight: Mr. Alfred Lee 1280 768 South Alabama Brick

Employee Spotlight: Mr. Alfred Lee

Alfred Lee “I hear tell they’ve been to the moon, but I still don’t believe it. It’s too high!” So began a story published in the Mobile Press Newspaper, quoting then 104-year-old William Lee, in April of 1970. As noted in the article about the centenarian’s life, Mr. Lee’s father…

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