W. R. Taylor & Co. has been located in historic downtown Pensacola, Florida for more than 100 years. We originally sold stables trading horses, mules, harnesses, hay, feed and wagons in the 1900’s. Taylor Brick and Tile was formed in the early 1930′s. The bricks were made in round beehive kilns in nearby Barth, Florida and sold from our downtown Pensacola location along with other hardware. Over the years, the horses, tack and hardware were phased out and brick became our main product.

Our recently remodeled showroom is a state-of-the art brick studio boasting the largest selection of brick in Northwest Florida. Our showroom is also home to high-quality specialty products including cultured stone, cast concrete, color mortars, pavers and fireplace materials.

17 Manresa Street
Pensacola, FL 32502

Phone: 850.432.6163
Fax: 850.432.6873
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Contact our Staff

Hayden Ward, Division Manager
cell: 850.324.9013

Dewayne Watson, Residential Sales
cell: 850.336.2717

Scott Wall, Residential Sales
cell: 850.426.6859

Heather Morian, Architectural Sales
cell: 850.333.4946

Rita Mayhair, Order Service

David McClellan, Dispatch