Endicott Thin Brick Commercial Collection

It’s hard to believe that Herman Fairchild submitted his $15,550 order for brick making equipment over 100 years ago on January 6, 1920. Since then Endicott Clay Products has grown to become an internationally recognized architectural brick manufacturer. They have a recipe that makes it all possible – devoted employees, an environmentally friendly raw material, and a passion for quality.

Adhering to their standards is hard work and they wouldn’t want it any other way. As the saying goes, nothing worth doing is easy. Embracing a strong work ethic, Endicott’s employees are dedicated to manufacturing quality brick, thin brick, and pavers.

Desert Ironspot Light

Desert Ironspot Dark

Copper Canyon


Medium Ironspot #77

Medium Ironspot #46

Dark Ironspot

Manganese Ironspot

Sienna Ironspot

Executive Ironspot

Rose Blend

Buff Blend

Red Blend

Burgundy Blend

Ruby Red

Bordeaux Blend

Red Ironspot

Ivory Blend

Golden Buff

Light Grey Blend

Light Sandstone

Dark Sandstone

Manganese Brown

Orleans Sands

Grey Sands

Burgundy Sands

Merlot Sands

Autumn Sands

Sahara Sands

Glazed White SN1

Glazed Grey SN2

Glazed Grey SN3

Glazed Grey SN4

Glazed Grey SN5

Glazed Grey SN6

Glazed Grey SN7

Glazed Black SN8

Glazed White VC1

Glazed Grey VC2

Glazed Grey VC3

Glazed Grey VC4

Glazed Grey VC5

Glazed Grey VC6

Glazed Grey VC7

Glazed Black VC8