Old Texas Brick

Our exquisite Old Texas Collection is perfect for the custom homeowner who desires the look of used or reclaimed brick. The handmade, wood mold selections provide a timeless look, perfect for your upcoming custom project! Available in 3 sizes, pavers & thin brick.

Most Popular:

Charcoal Antique

Old Bayou

Gray Antique

Hard Tan

Old San Luis

Vintage White


Jeffers Blend

Chevy Chase

Chocolate Frosty

Silver Port

Heavy Smear


















Alamo Gold

Amber Moon

Broken Face

Buff & Gold Antique

Buff & Gold Mingle

Dusty Gold Browns

Dusty Gold Reds

Espresso Antique

Louisiana Buff

Merlot Antique

New Orleans

Old Chicago

Old Chicago Red

Old Red & Brown

Old Soft Red

Pink Mingle

Pink Range

Purple Oak

Red Birch

Smokey Gold

Tangley Blend

Tiffany Brown

Tiffany Red