Real Rock Collection

Its authentic character and rich earthy colors create a design presence no other. Its beauty is consistent, through and through. A surface nick or scratch reveals nothing but more of the same stone beneath—not concrete or a base. And, just as you expect from true stone, it resists weather and UV damage. What might surprise you is its affordability.

Arctic Castle

Arctic Mosaic

Arctic Rustic Village

Arctic Rustic Stack

Arctic Rustic Village

Arctic Split Ashlar

Arctic Split Stack

Arctic Split Village

Arctic Stack

Arctic Village

Brookshire Castle

Brookshire Mosaic

Brookshire Rustic Ledge

Brookshire Rustic Stack

Brookshire Rustic Village

Brookshire Split Stack

Brookshire Split Village

Brookshire Stack

Brookshire Village






Cottage Castle

Cottage Mosaic

Cottage Rustic Ledge

Cottage Rustic Stack

Cottage Rustic Village

Cottage Split Stack

Cottage Split Village

Cottage Stack

Cottage Village

Desert Castle

Desert Mosaic

Desert Rustic Ledge

Desert Rustic Stack

Desert Rustic Village

Desert Split Ashlar

Desert Split Stack

Desert Split Village

Desert Stack

Desert Village


Kelly Castle

Kelly Mosaic

Kelly Rustic Stack

Kelly Rustic Village

Kelly Split Stack

Kelly Split Village

Kelly Stack

Kelly Village


River Run

Rocky Mountain

Sand Harbor

Sunrise Castle

Sunrise Mosaic

Sunrise Rustic Stack

Sunrise Rustic Village

Sunrise Split Stack

Sunrise Split Village

Sunrise Stack

Sunrise Village

Sunset Castle

Sunset Mosaic

Sunset Rustic Stack

Sunset Rustic Village

Sunset Split Stack

Sunset Split Village

Sunset Stack

Sunset Village