Superior Clay Pizza Ovens

Superior clay masonry ovens are available in four sizes – 18″, 24″, 36″ and 48″ (inside diameter). Refer to the drawing and charts for important measurements and required materials. For full installation instructions, see Plans and Instructions. Go here to see a new style 24″ oven in the construction process.

Brick masonry ovens have been built in American homes since the first colonists landed on American soil. Brick masonry oven traditions date back to Roman times. Now you can have an authentic brick masonry oven in your home or backyard. Bake fresh, hot wood-fired pizza and bread right at home. A custom masonry or brick oven makes a great entertainment feature for your deck or patio area, allowing you to bake your own authentic wood-fired bread and pizza.

  • An outdoor brick masonry oven allows you to cook outdoors in summer months.
  • An indoor brick masonry oven brings a warm and inviting feel to any home during cooler months.

Our superior clay line provides components, plans and instructions for building traditional masonry and brick ovens, regardless of their location inside or outside your home. Bread and pizza baking purists know there is no substitute for these brick ovens!

Superior clay has developed components and a set of plans and instructions for the construction of traditional masonry ovens. Superior clay wood-fire ovens can be built alongside a Rumford fireplace or as a standalone unit in your kitchen or backyard. The exterior of the oven can be finished with a variety of masonry materials including brick, stone, stucco or tile.

Flue location on 36″

Dome Cut-away

Bread Oven Entrance

Bread Oven Dome

Materials List 18″ Oven 24″ Old style 24″ New Style 36″ Oven 48″ Oven
Oven Dome 20″ Dome 27″ Dome 22″ Dome 22″ Dome 32″ Dome
Entrance Tunnel 13″ Tunnel 18″ Tunnel 18″ (2 Pieces) 18″ 24″ (3 Pieces)
Side Walls 10 Pcs. 9″ Firebrick 14 pcs 9″ Firebrick 2 Wall Sections 5 Wall Sections 8 Wall Sections
Insulating Castible 3-50lbs Bags 4-50 lbs Bags 4-50 lbs Bags 6-50 lbs Bags 20-50 lbs Bags
Heat Stop Refractory Mortar 10 lbs Pail 2-10 lbs Pails 2-10 lbs Pails 1-50 lbs Bag 2-50 lbs Bags
Firebrick Needed for Floor 30- 9″ Brick 36- 9″ Brick 36- 9″ Brick 40- 9″ Brick 85- 9″ Brick

A special note about wood fired ovens: Terra Cotta components are subject to thermal shock and cracking.

New Style 24″

New Style 36″

48″ Oven

18″/ Old 24″ Oven Components

36″ Oven w/ Extension