Taylor Clay Commercial Collection

Knowing that special shapes can enhance the beauty of any project, the Taylor Clay Commercial Collection offers high quality shapes, from simple to complex, insuring you of a quality project of which you can be proud. The engineering and design department is always available to offer any assistance you may need in the design of special shapes.

3-5 Ironspot

Autumn Blend 370

Autumn Blend 371

Autumn Blend 372

Autumn Blend 373


Black Onyx

Blue Steel

Buff Flash

Buff Pink

Buff Pink 309

Buff Rockface



Cream Wirecut


Executive White

Faye Rose

Flash Prestige

Flash Sunset

Gray 319

Gray 320

Gray 323

Gray 343

Harvest Gold


Kaiser Blend

Oyster Ironspot

Pearl Gray

Pink 313

Pink 316


Red Flash Woodleaf

Red Patriot

Red Smooth

Royal Salisbury

Simulated Tumble

Three Way Blend

White Prestige

White Rockface

Wirecut 313

Wirecut Buff

Wirecut Norman

Taylor Clay Face Brick Sizes

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Taylor Clay Brick Textures

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