Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight 470 626 South Alabama Brick

Who: Jerry Fountain – Driver for Keego Clay Products

Length Of Service: 49 years

Favorite Memory Working At Keego: “My favorite memories of working for Keego all involved working for Jim Martin in Ft. Walton. He was the manager at the time. He took me under his wing and really treated me like a son and he was just like a father figure for me.”

Favorite Technological Advance: “Moving from Boom Trucks to Moffett trucks really changed our lives. With Boom Trucks you had to be able to get right up next to the house to get the brick close. When they came out with the Moffetts it allowed us more breathing room and really helped us move faster and more efficient. It really made our lives so much easier”

Favorite Part About Working for SABCO: “It’s just a real family environment. Mr. Thompson, when he was able, made sure to always come check on us personally every two weeks or so. That just always meant a lot to me that he cared enough to make that drive even when I’m sure he didn’t want to. He always made me feel like more than just one of his drivers. I guess that’s why I’ve been able to do it for so long.”

We at SABCO want to wish Jerry a happy work anniversary and look forward to many more years of laughs and fellowship together!